Infinity Web Browser

Infinity Web Browser 1.3.2

Another contender for the Android broswer crown?


  • Light and fast
  • Easy to manage downloads, RSS etc.
  • Good multilingual support
  • Built-in YouTube player
  • Good image rendering


  • Tab titles obstructed
  • Doesn't handle horizontal screen well
  • Video support is buggy

Very good

Finding the perfect browser for your Android is pretty much the smartphone Holy Grail. Give Infinity Web Browser a try and see how it shapes up.

Looks and speed

Infinity Web Browser is a fast browser with support for tabs, multiple languages and password management. The style is clean and clear, but perhaps a little childish and we also noticed that it didn't look so slick when the phone was held horizontally. Something you can’t fault, however, is the speed - Infinity Web Browser was smooth and fast throughout our tests.

Infinity Web Browser seems to place special emphasis on multi-language support – there’s built-in translation, speech-to-text and voice search, all backed up by Google Translate. Infinity Web Browser also has easily-accessible security settings, including options for form data and remembered passwords.

Easy download management

The quick-access icons across the bottom of the screen make using Infinity Web Browser very easy. From here you access the usual navigational tools – forward, back, reload, etc - while swiping to the right will give you access to the more advanced features. Pressing the menu key will give you an immediate view of all options, including downloads, bookmarks and a full screen option.

Unfortunately, Infinity Web Browser didn't do so well on video, despite claiming to have special support for YouTube and MP3/MP4. Ultimately, many users are going to find this problem an issue they just can't overlook.

In the battle of the Android browsers, Infinity Web Browser packs a strong, but video-less punch..

Infinity Web Browser


Infinity Web Browser 1.3.2

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